Our Story

My name is Melanie M. Delgado.  I am a US citizen born and raised in Northern New Mexico.  I am married to a wonderful man Aaron Adlih Hernandez Delgado from Veracruz, Mexico.  We have been married for 11 years and have two children, Diego 10, and Ariana, 10 months old.  My husband also has two other children who are US citizens, Aaron and Vianae that are 10 and 14 years old.

In 2011 we hired an attorney to help us apply for a change of status for permanent residency and on March 6 2012 my husband returned to Juarez, Mexico for his interview.  We were devastated when his interview ended with my husband being barred from re-entering the U.S for 10 years.  I was pregnant at the time and as anyone might imagine our lives have been in turmoil.  We put our trust in the legal process because aside from entering illegally my husband has been an upright citizen who paid taxes for the last 10 years and Aaron is a good man, husband and father.


He learned to speak English while living in the US and is a responsible father who had special bonds with all his children and paid child support for his children that did not live with us.  Now my family has been torn apart.  Ten years is a very long time to be separated and we have no guarantees that even after this amount of time he will be able to reunite with us.  Being separated from my husband has caused me tremendous grief.  I cry a lot and the thought of having to raise my children alone has put a tremendous burden on me.  We can’t pick up and leave our home and all the obligations here in the US to join him.  As much as I would like to do that, my husband does not have a job that can support our family or a place for us to live.  I learned that it would be impossible for us to legally emirate ourselves.

Diego letter to senatorWe attend a local community church and it our faith that has kept us going through this very difficult time.  It is our hearts desire to grow and raise our family with strong Christian morals, values and principles.  Aaron is a responsible and committed provider for his family.  Since this horrible nightmare began, Aaron has not been able to be with his wife and children who need his love or provide child support for his children.  Aaron coached baseball and soccer for his children’s teams for several years.  He also volunteered for “Moving Arts Espanola” a community organization in my hometown that gives children an opportunity to experience and learn about the Arts through music and art.  Aaron is a hands-on leader; he was always eager and enjoyed volunteering in our community.

I am praying that our leaders in Washington will help bring my husband and daddy back to us.  Two families depend on him for moral and financial support and the emotional and physical support that only a father and husband can provide to his family.  I would ask you to consider what it would feel like personally if this was happening to your own family and what being separated for 10 years would do to your family dynamic and well-being.  Aaron came to this country to better his life and to live above the level of poverty.  He has worked hard in this melanie3country to be a good citizen and member of his community.  He is crushed by the thought that he has destroyed any and all hope of ever returning.  He grew desperate after a year of being separated that he even tried to return to us and was caught and deported. For his very first time.  Can you imagine what this feels like?  We do not have to imagine, this is our devastating reality!

I am fervently praying that our decision makers would consider American Families that have been separated or exiled in the immigration reform that is being talked about.  This is our only hope to bring Aaron back to our family, his family.

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